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Day 1

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5th jan 2009 11:54 pm IST

The first impression of bali to me was freshness. There was a certain about of sharpness in the air and greenery was prevelant everywhere. The ride from the airport to the hotel showed us some very well sculptured statues which were huge in size. The Gods here have got a different appearance to themselves even when all are hindu Gods. May be it's because the Gods resemble the looks of the people here.

The hotel entrance was small but it seemed like a big one from inside. The people in the hospitality industry here are extremely friendly and the point is they don't pretend it, it comes from inside. They are naturally happy. I felt cherished and a rise of optimism could well be seen in my disposition. The entrance to the villa was supposedly like a jungle with cement floors. It was indeed so greenish and everything seemed so fresh and lively.

Our villa has a small swimming pool at its front which i liked a lot. The rooms were decent and elegant. I particularly liked the partition in between the bathroom and the bedroom so that one doesn't bump into the bedroom after coming from the bathroom. It seemed like a nice small retreat, though it made the bedroom look smaller. I also liked the big windows and the chit on them in the living room. The design is simple and sleek. It's nothing amazing but i like it for just its presence.

The first adventure i had was in the swimming pool. I felt so liberated just by floating in the pool. It made me feel free and allowed to let myself go. I also did a nice swim and some underwater swimming. From there we went for a walk to the market, no big fun but yes renting and riding a bike did give me a kick, though sam was a little nervous about it. But soon he was rushing through the streets and got quite handy of it.

We went to the beach with our new found bike . The beach seemed dirty and full of local people. Though just the view of having a big ocean in front of you with waves coming towards you is overwhelming. It made me feel so weak and yet so ecstatic about the whole concept of a beach. I was afraid, yet willing to take the risk. I need more time with the ocean in the coming times...

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